Ercolalo Award


The 5 best short films will be chosen for the Festival Director and will receive the Nominee Laurel and Certificate.

The winner will also receive a statuette. (The nominations and the award are accolades that can be added to IMDb)

Each edition will change the country, the last one was: Argentina 2022. The news will be announced soon!


Madrid Film

2022 - 2023


This category is out of international competition. It is an additional addition carried out by the Director of the Festival, (whose award is named after him and who delivers it personally) in order to promote and encourage young filmmakers from different countries, whose current situations do not allow them to afford a fee of income normally. Each edition will change the country, the last one was: Argentina. The news will be announced soon!
The winner will receive a statuette and certificates delivered by Dir. Ercolalo.

2022 - 2023



Roberto I. Ercolalo (born February 21, 1992) is an Italian-Argentine director, writer, and producer of shorts films. Ex. Judge of Los Angeles CineFest 2018 and 2021 (California, USA). Honor Member and current Director of the Buenos Aires International Film Festival, BUEIFF 2019-2022 (Argentina). President of the Jury for the Madrid Film Awards 2020-2021 (Madrid, Spain). 

In August 2021 he assumes as Director of the Madrid Film Awards. Under his guidance, the Festival has been named an official IMDb (USA) qualifying competition. Director and Founder Awards of the Condor (Spain), whose most recent event was used with a red carpet at the Megarama Cinemas in Granada, Spain.

2022 - 2023

Premios y Distinciones

Nominated for an Academy Award, Canadian Screen Award, and BAFTA Qualifying Film Festival in the United States (Rhode Island International Film Festival). Awarded with more than 20 international prizes as a director, winner of 14 official IMDb festivals, and laureate in more than 160 international competitions. Invited to prestigious film festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Moscow, Roma, Delhi, Amsterdam, among others.

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